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Cooking on High

Cooking on High

I was introduced to a cooking show on Netflix called “Cooking on High”.  This show is about cooking with weed aka marijuana aka pot aka ganja.  The host is a young Hispanic man in his mid 20’s and  co-hosted by an older Black man maybe late 50’s.  The older black man is called the guru of weed.   They have chef’s come to the show and compete for the golden pot (small gold plated dutch pot).  The chefs have to come up with dishes that have weed as one of the ingredients while based on a theme that the host would pick. Bare in mind that the themes are based on common feelings and behaviors that occur when people smoke weed.   The guest are some D list, so called celebrities, who come on the show as tasters / judges and will score the chefs on a scale of 1-10.  The points are called “weed leaves”.  It is apparent that these judges are high during the show….I guess this is what they need to do.

I am offended by this show.  I am not apologizing my for my feelings. My blog is about eating and living healthy.  Health includes the mind and this installment is about food for the mind.  I am offended because many black men’s lives were ruined because of weed.  Many spent time in cages that have severely negatively affected them mentally, socially and physically ranging from becoming career criminals (due to chronic joblessness) to suicide.  Not to mention, the breaking up of families resulting in troubled children.  When you look at the data on the prison system globally, the United States had the highest prison population rate in the world, at 716 per 100,000 people. Jul 7, 2015. Lets not only look at the US, Canada is no better… Please take a look at this chart below to get a sense of why I am so offended by this show.  As well, check out the Washington Post article “The Black/White Marijuana Arrest Gap in Nine Charts” . The article gives a very good breakdown of how serious and damaging marijuana has been for Black men in particular.  

Now this older black man is probably on the show because he is trying to make it in Hollywood or he may be trying to start a business and this is great exposure for him. Whatever the situation may be for him, he should not be doing this show.  Instead, he should be trying to advocate for prison reform and standing by his fellow black men to help stop this “New Jim Crow”.  I am very disappointed and ashamed that this man would do this.  I can almost guarantee that if he was stopped by the police for driving while black, the police would not give a hoot that he was on some show as the “guru of weed” or if he was some big time actor/entertainer, he would be taken down or killed if he had a trace of weed on him.  The same goes for the young Hispanic host.  I fail to understand the minds of society sometimes.  Now that the big corporations and pharma industry are all on board the weed gravy train, we have shows like “Cooking on High” featuring/hosted by the very people that society demonized for possessing/using the once dreaded “marijuana”.  In fact, studies shows that the level of use of marijuana among whites and non-whites are practically the same.

I find that people are so easily manipulated by media that they lose sight of what is really happening around them.  Sometimes, I feel like George Orwell’s “1984” is here and our faces are so planted into our iPhones, tablets and TV, we don’t even notice.  Some of you may say I am indirectly promoting the show but this is one way I can bring attention to the blatant double standards and outright injustice that is happening in our society.  I am hoping that my little rant will open minds and cause people to question things more.  We live in a capitalist society, so of course Netflix will make their money no matter what I say.  However, if you care about yours and your loved ones future, question more and see more don’t just stare at your machines all the time in a blank daze.

Stay healthy everyone!


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